Weathering Toronto’s Christmas Ice Storm

Weathering Toronto’s Christmas Ice Storm


Thousands of people in Toronto are braving the cold and dark after the weekend’s violent ice storm. The weight of ice felled tree branches which brought down power lines across the City.

It is difficult any time when a major storm knocks out electricity for days but it’s so much harder to face at Christmas. Experts tell us that climate change is affecting weather patterns impacting the severity and frequency of extreme storm events.  Just a few months ago we were without power due to a Summer storm that brought torrential flooding.

Torontonians no longer take hydro for granted. We’ve been reminded just how important electricity is to heat our homes, to refrigerate and cook our food, light our homes, heat water for washing and power our communication & entertainment devices.

Be prepared for the next power outage with an Kohler emergency backup generator.

An increasing number of homeowners are considering buying a backup generator to ensure continuous power availability. We have heard the sad news stories this week of fires and carbon monoxide poisonings caused by improper use of equipment. A professionally installed backup power system means peace of mind and safety for your family.

How does a natural gas backup generator work?

A back-up power system is equipped with an automatic transfer switch to supply power within seconds of a power outage and automatically shut off the generator when power is restored. The generator is permanently installed outside just like a central air conditioning unit. The generator is hooked directly into your home’s natural gas line.

A Kohler Residential Generator has three modes of operation:

  1. standby mode – Monitors utility power for outages
  2. self-test mode – Runs weekly 20-minute test cycles, ensuring the unit is tuned up and operating effectively
  3. emergency power mode
    • Automatic transfer switch senses outage
    • Generator starts
    • Transfer switch engages generator power
    • Transfer switch monitors for restoration of utility power
    • Transfer switch reengages utility power
    • Generator runs cool-down cycle and then shuts down

Home Comfort Canada will help you…

  1. Figure Out Your Load – you’ll need to decide whether you want to back up a few essentials or your whole house.
  2. Choose the Generator that is right for your home
  3. Install the generator and transfer switch

We are happy to answer your questions and help you prepare for the next time the power is cut off. Leave a comment or give us a call 1-855-567-4183.

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