Infinity_Touch_ControlTired of adjusting the temperature gauge in the evening and morning? With a programmable thermostat, it adjusts automatically for you and monitors itself to keep your home at the temperature you set. You no longer need to adjust the setting before leaving the house or before bedtime.

A programmable thermostat also saves wear and tear on high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment by properly cycling the equipment. They’re easy to program and they help you save on your energy bills all year round.

Carrier’s wide variety of highly engineered thermostats lets you have precise control over temperature, humidity, air treatment and scheduling.

Think of an Infinity® Touch™ control as your personal climate concierge.

Creating the perfect temperature in your home is just the beginning. Our Infinity Touch control can direct an entire advanced home comfort system to let you precisely manage comfort, humidity, ventilation and air purification from one source. It even makes scheduling a breeze.

From larger temperature display for easy reading to designer look customized to your home décor, our controls and thermostats provide easy access, superior accuracy and unmatched flexibility for the savvy consumer who wants to save energy without compromising comfort or aesthetics.

Customized Comfort

Separate control of multiple zones can significantly reduce hot and cold spots for more even, consistent comfort. Enjoy maximum efficiency with comfort precisely where and when you need it so you aren’t spending money heating or cooling unused rooms. Creating a customized name for each zone makes it easier to monitor comfort levels or create new settings for the correct areas. To help optimize airflow, our patented fan control lets you set different fan speeds for your Infinity system at a different time schedule for each zone.

By connecting the Infinity Touch Control to a WiFi network with the included wireless router, you can enjoy full access to the control directly from your web-enabled mobile, tablet and desktop devices, adjusting system operation from virtually anywhere.

Brochures (pdf):

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