Smart WiFi thermostat control ~ even when away on vacation

Smart WiFi thermostat control ~ even when away on vacation

Thermostats are smarter than ever before!

Carrier Infinity Touch Control Thermostat allows you to program your thermostat to automatically adjust based on time of day, and it allows you to focus energy on particular rooms, saving money and resources while precisely controlling temperatures throughout your home.

Remote Access with WiFi

Control your home's Thermostat from your cottage

Are you going on vacation? Do you have a cottage? If so, you’ll love the convenience and comfort control of an Infinity Touch Control thermostat with WiFi Connectivity and Remote Access.

By connecting the Infinity Touch Control to a WiFi network with the included wireless router, you can enjoy full access to the control directly from your web-enabled mobile, tablet and desktop devices, adjusting system operation from virtually anywhere in the world.

For your cottage or vacation property:

A WiFi enabled thermostat gives you control to adjust your cottage or vacation property thermostat remotely.  You’ll arrive to a property that is a comfortable temperature.

For your home:

Save energy when you’re away from home by adjusting the thermostat or conveniently setting it to the built-in vacation mode.

No one likes arriving home to a stuffy overheated home.  With a WiFi enabled thermostat you don’t have to. As you’re checking out of your hotel or packing up to head home from the cottage, you can remotely adjust your home’s thermostat so the temperature is just right for your arrival.

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