Don't Get Scammed!

Don't Get Scammed!


Hmm an unfamiliar phone number?

It’s Kim at Home Comfort with a furnace safety call

Beware, this is not us! Don’t get scammed.


1) Are you being called by a company you have not reached out to?
Most HVAC companies that believe in doing what is right for the customer do not do telemarketing so right away the call is not in your best interest.

2) Does this company tell you they are from Home Comfort but have no other information and do not offer a callback number for you?
The untrustworthy telemarketing company is trying to make you think this is a company you have used before and have trusted

3) Are they telling you your furnace and hot water tank have come up for inspection and they will do it for free for you?
This is a sign that they are there to try to sell you a furnace and are willing to RED TAG or use scare tactics to get you to buy in a panic at an inflated price.

4) They tell you that they work for Enbridge?
Enbridge does not endorse any HEATING AND COOLING company.


Our customers have let us know about these scam calls.  We suggest they ask to be removed from their calling list and advise they are on the “National Do Not Call list”

Register your number at

Get in touch with us if you need more information about this!

Important Notice:

Home Comfort Canada is transitioning to Mueller Mechanical.

All of our residential HVAC services will be fulfilled by Mueller Mechanical.

Same ownership, same service, same quality, different name.