Moving beyond “Set it and forget it”

Moving beyond “Set it and forget it”

Carrier Côr Wifi thermostat

The world today is getting “smart”. There are already self-driving cars and realistically already in place are features that automatically brake your car if a pedestrian steps out in front. Phones are getting smarter by the day and so are our home heating and cooling systems. Automation is the way of the future. Let’s just look at one home automation feature today…the Thermostat.

At Home Comfort Canada we feature the Côr Wifi Thermostat by Carrier. We believe that this thermostat is at the heart of a smarter home. We live busy life-styles and do not always have the time to make good decisions about temperature and energy waste in our homes. Heating and Cooling are central to our comfort and at the same time they are perhaps the highest expense in running our households. To “smarten” this aspect of our home, Côr has the following features:

  • Flawless automation of your home heating and cooling system
  • Full colour touch screen for ease of use
  • On screen prompts – for easy programming and setup
  • Local weather – 4 day forecast
  • It can be easily and remotely accessed from your phone or tablet or laptop – anywhere in the world
  • It has a “smart setback” feature which adopts beyond your manual programming. This feature decreases your energy useage and costs, while maintaining the comfort that you and your family want.
  • It auto-changes between cooling and heating….depending on the need
  • It has vacation programming – saving energy while you are away and having your home a perfect temperature when you come back
  • It manages the humidity in your home
  • If you wish it can optionally control zones in your home, keeping different areas equally comfortable.

At Home Comfort Canada we can install this system for you and it requires almost no training (perhaps a few pointers to get you going.) Once installed you are on the way to energy savings, the security of home automation and a greater sense of comfort and the security of in your home. Call us for pricing….you’ll be surprised at how economical it is.