How to Select the Right Air Conditioning Technician?

How to Select the Right Air Conditioning Technician?

Air Conditioning: Selecting a Technician


Families and individuals who are looking for air conditioning in Toronto and surrounding areas will need to find an appropriate technician when problems arise.

We understand that you are inviting someone into your home.  And you expect cleanliness, courtesy and professionalism as well as competence in your service providers. Naturally, we think we fit the bill perfectly – but we hope that these guidelines will help you find a local and competent air conditioning technician no matter where you reside.


Air conditioning in Toronto is regulated and any AC technician should have a license. A license shows that the technician knows how to safely handle the refrigerant in case of leaks and other problems that might arise.

A company that requires all technicians receive a license is an ideal choice.  Multiple licenses that cross fields into gas lines and duct work are also common among air conditioning tradesmen and women.

Service Record:

Technicians who work for a well-established company and has several years of air conditioning in Toronto experience – is the ideal choice. A company that has served the community for several years will understand the GTA climates and have developed solid relationships with their own technicians, ultimately resulting in excellent customer service for you.

Another benefit of a long-established company is that the more experienced technicians are able to help those who are new to the company. New technicians receive better training when the company has several years of experience in air conditioning repair and installation.

Written Documentation:

Good technicians providing services for air conditioning in Toronto will always provide written documentation showing every detail of the work performed. Everything from the load calculations performed for installing an AC unit to the dates that the work is complete should have written documentation.


The best companies for air conditioning work will always have appropriate insurance coverage to protect employees and homeowners. The insurances should include a minimum of liability in case property damage or accidental injuries to the homeowner occurs. It should also have measures to protect the technician in case injuries occur.

Reputation & Referrals:

As with most other services, the best way to find a technician is to ask friends for referrals.  Also check the company’s testimonials and see if references are provided.  Do your homework and call or read the references provided.  The extra 30 minutes can provide valuable insight and be the foundation of a long relationship with your service provider.

Finding the right air conditioning technician is a task that will require looking into the company.

Our family owned business has been working on air conditioning in Toronto and the surrounding area for more than 26 years and our customers are satisfied with the work and professionalism provided. If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, read our customer testimonials to get a feel for the kind of work that we do.