Help! My hot water tank is leaking!

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What to do if your hot water tank leaks:

  1. Begin by turning off the water and the gas supply at the hot water tank. The water supply valve is on the cold water pipe near the top of your tank. In some cases, it may be several feet away. You may also have to shut off the water supply to the whole house. The shut-off valve is usually in the same place as your water meter.
  2. If you have a power vent water heater with a fan at the top, be sure to unplug the fan’s power cord.

How to proceed?

  • Where is the leak is coming from? Is a pipe coming out of the tank leaking? Is the tank itself leaking?
  • Do you own the hot water tank or rent? If you rent then you can call your rental provider.
  • If you are renting your hot water tank, decide if you want to continue to rent or if it is a good time to make a purchase. If you want to discuss your options, give us a call.
  • If you own the tank, check when you purchased it. Is it still under warranty?
  • View available Hot Water Heaters then call us, we would be happy to chat with you about your hot water needs.

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