Home Heating: Comfort and Efficiency

Home Heating: Comfort and Efficiency

Get comfortable this season with Home Heating

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For many people during this winter either their old furnace will simply get tired and need replacing or perhaps due to new construction or renovation they will need a new central heating system. Obviously today with the concerns for environment and fuel efficiency (due to high costs), there is a need to choose what kind of system suits your needs and budget.

Size matters

The first consideration in furnace replacement or a new installation is the size of the furnace.  If it’s too small it simply won’t heat your house or building.  If it’s too large, then it will cycle on and off too often which will cause wear and tear on the parts, uneven temperatures in the home and a waste of fuel. It could also be too noisy, especially if the duct work is undersized. So, having one of our professionals accurately size the furnace is the first step in your choice.

Efficiency equals savings

There’s lots of talk about furnace efficiency and there should be. If your furnace is from the 1970’s then it is probably 65% efficient, or worse if it isn’t functioning properly! This represents a huge waste of fuel and money and presents obvious environmental concerns.

Today’s furnaces are amazingly efficient. Our Greenspeed Intelligence model is astoundingly 98.5% efficient. If you wish to be a bit more budget minded then our Infinity 96 is up to 96.7% efficient. There are a few more models to choose from down the line. Differences in the models include differing gas valves and blower motors.  For example the Greenspeed has a blower motor that is infinity variable, which means the system judges exactly how much airflow you need to operate most efficiently – and comfortably.

We can help

The right furnace will save you money, make your home more comfortable and help the environment. Home Comfort Canada has helped homeowners choose the right furnace for over 27 years; and we’d be happy to help you! For information, please contact us by web or phone. We’ll give you the best possible information, and the best pricing. We know you’ll be very pleased.

Important Notice:

Home Comfort Canada is transitioning to Mueller Mechanical.

All of our residential HVAC services will be fulfilled by Mueller Mechanical.

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