Heat Pumps

heatPump_0In the summer, a heat pump cools the air in your home much like an air conditioner, while in the winter heat is absorbed from the outdoor air and released to the indoor air.

Home Comfort Canada will help you choose the Carrier Heat Pump that’s right for your home.

When shopping for a heat pump, look for high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (“SEER,” which measures the cooling efficiency of the machine) and high Heating Seasonal Performance Factors (“HSPF”, which measures its heating efficiency).

Also, remember that Carrier heat pumps are engineered to team with a Carrier furnace to create a “Hybrid Heat” system, the most cost-savings system you can buy for year-round comfort.


Infinity® 20 Heat Pump with GREENSPEED™ Intelligence 25VNA0

INFINITY® 20 HEAT PUMP WITH GREENSPEED™ INTELLIGENCE 25VNA0The Infinity series heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence is the first of its kind. No other ducted, air source heat pump can beat its 13 HSPF rating for heating efficiency. It’s a winner too, when it comes to cooling. But perhaps the biggest story is what it can do for your home comfort.

Infinity® 18VS Heat Pump 25VNA8

INFINITY® 18VS HEAT PUMP 25VNA8The Infinity 18VS heat pump is different in a lot of ways. It offers variable-speed compression that can step down in 5 stages to as low as 25% of its capacity. That’s huge from a comfort perspective. The ability to run in lower speeds most of the time makes it quieter and more adept at removing humidity in the summer.

Infinity® 16 Heat Pump 25HNB6

INFINITY® 16 HEAT PUMP 25HNB6Infinity series products represent the pinnacle of our communicating technology. In a heat pump, this advanced system enables some of the best comfort features and energy saving advancements.

Performance™ 15 Heat Pump 25HCC5

PERFORMANCE™ 15 HEAT PUMP 25HCC5Performance series heat pumps offer that perfect balance between budget limits you may have today and your desire for long-term energy savings.

Comfort™ 14 Heat Pump 25HCE4

COMFORT™ 14 HEAT PUMP 25HCE4Comfort series heat pumps are designed simply to be reliable, efficient and affordable. As a heat pump they give you the benefit of summer cooling along with cooler season heating.

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