Residential Generators – Emergency Backup Power

Residential Generators – Emergency Backup Power

We rely on electricity to heat our homes and cottages and to power our appliances. It can be devastating if the power is out for days due to a Winter ice storm or Summer flood or lightning storm.

Stop worrying about frozen pipes, an inactive sump pump, spoiled food, no way to heat/cool your home, no means to prepare food, wash dishes or take a shower — install a Kohler Residential Generator to provide you with constant electricity and avoid any future mishaps.

We service Kohler and Generac Generators, in sizes from 8kw to 150kw.

A back-up power system is equipped with an automatic transfer switch to supply power within seconds of a power outage and automatically shut off the generator when power is restored. The generator is permanently installed outside just like a central air conditioning unit.

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Leading Generator Comparison

The engine is the heart of generator performance and reliability, and this is one of the key indicators of the quality of a generator. As you can see in the 20-kW engine comparison below, the KOHLER® engine is designed for tough commercial applications—making it durable and reliable for generator use.

With KOHLERs strong engines, we can produce significant power for the generator while still staying true to our voltage and frequency ratings.

Estimate Your Power Needs

Here’s a quick tool to help you estimate the approximately right size KOHLER® generator for your home or business.

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The best way to determine your specific power needs is to ask a generator professional to perform a site survey. Ask one of our leading experts today to help you analyze your electrical load, and to install the proper generator system.

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Home Comfort Canada services the Greater Toronto Area

We’re proud to partner with SNAP Home Finance, an industry leader in financial solutions for home improvements, for fast, fair and budget friendly payment options that fit your needs.

Annual maintenance of our generator was done in a professional manner with advance notice, greeting upon arrival and advice upon completion.
- Doug and Edith