Duct Work Installation and Repair

Duct Work Installation and Repair

Home Comfort Canada installs and services all new ducting to new job sites and also replaces and redesigns old duct systems with new redesigned ductwork. We work with new home builders and also retrofit home renovation projects.

All of our projects have proper duct designs and approved by authorized duct designers. This way Home Comfort Canada can guarantee all duct installations.

The owner of Home Comfort Canada, Al Mueller, will oversee all projects, right from the designing stage to the finished stage.

If you’re doing a renovation, don’t get caught by your renovation contractor telling you a 4” duct will do to extend any ducts. This may be the worst thing that can happen to a duct system. This may not work if it’s a long run or a duct run with many elbows. It will not supply the proper air volume to a specific room. Home Comfort Canada sees this many times over.

Get it done right the first time. Home Comfort Canada is here for you!

Inquire About Duct Work Installation and Repair

Over a time period ducts that haven’t been properly installed may come apart. This will leave gaps and allow heated or cooled air to escape into the ceiling or wall cavities. The efficiency of your furnace and a/c will be greatly diminished. Home Comfort Canada can reinstall these ducts and properly seal them.

One major issue that Home Comfort Canada has seen in the past, “Where is the return Duct?”     Most renovator contractors just advise you that you only need to install the supply ducts and venting. You also NEED proper return air flow. Having return air will improve your furnace and be more efficient. This also will improve your air quality and especially give you more a/c cooling upstairs. You need hi wall returns upstairs to recirculate the hot summer air and low wall returns in the basement/recreation room to circulate the cool winter air from the floor.

Home Comfort Canada has been here for 38 years. We have been doing HVAC service/installation and ductwork design, service and installation. We are a proud Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer. We stand behind what we do. If you need any advice or service, please give us a call.

Important Notice:

Home Comfort Canada is transitioning to Mueller Mechanical.

All of our residential HVAC services will be fulfilled by Mueller Mechanical.

Same ownership, same service, same quality, different name.