Door-to-door Water heater solicitation

Door-to-door Water heater solicitation

We have received numerous phone calls and emails from irate individuals regarding door-to-door hot water heater solicitation. We are Home Comfort “Canada”.  We are NOT responsible for any telephone or door-to-door solicitation. We know it is confusing, there are now quite a few companies operating in Ontario that use the term “Home Comfort” in their name.  We are disappointed to be inadvertently associated with these other companies and their aggressive door-to-door water heater sales tactics.

Know your rights

Misleading homeowners…

Many homeowners have assumed that these door-to-door solicitations are coming from their current hot water rental company or from a government agency or utility. To get in the door these marketers may simply say that they wish to check that your hot water tank is up to code and energy efficient. Our best advice is, don’t trust someone who comes to your door. Don’t let the salesperson into your home.

Did you know? You have the right to cancel a contract you signed at the door within 10 days of receiving the written copy of the contract. Cancel the contract in writing – by fax, e-mail, registered mail, or by hand delivery. Be sure to keep a copy so you have proof that you cancelled within the allowed time.

If you are interested in replacing your hot water rental, do your research. Determine if renting or purchasing is the best solution for you. Is a tankless on-demand system the best solution for your home? Schedule a consultation with a local experienced HVAC expert. Talk to your neighbours and friends, find out who they recommend.

If you have questions, we would be happy to respond. Just leave a comment below of give us a call.

Important Notice:

Home Comfort Canada is transitioning to Mueller Mechanical.

All of our residential HVAC services will be fulfilled by Mueller Mechanical.

Same ownership, same service, same quality, different name.