Common questions from home owners about hot water radiators

Common questions from home owners about hot water radiators

Radiator - maintenance

Regular maintenance of your home heating system will keep your heating equipment operating at peak performance and reduce energy consumption and costs.

If you have a hot water boiler system with radiators you may have some questions about how to keep your equipment working efficiently.

Here are a few questions we’ve had from Home Comfort Canada customers.

  1. Why are my radiators banging?Are your radiators keeping you up at night? If your radiators aren’t level you may experience loud hammering from your rads. Put a level on the top of your rads and see if this could be the problem.  If your rads aren’t level give us a call.  Home Comfort Canada can level your rads to stop the noise and let you sleep through the night.
  2. I’ve heard that radiators need bleeding, what’s involved?Bleeding radiators is when you let out any air that has become trapped inside. Bleeding radiators can improve the energy efficiency of your home heating. All radiators should be bled on a regular basis, as the heating and cooling of water naturally releases air bubbles.

How to tell if radiators need bleeding …

  1. Turn on the heating so that all radiators in your home come on – you may need to turn up the temperature on your thermostat and individual radiator temperature controls to make sure they all come on.
  2. Once your radiators are all hot, go and check each one individually to see if all parts of the radiator are warming up.  Air gets trapped near the top so they don’t fully heat up.  If a radiator isn’t evenly warm, then it needs to be bleed.

How do I bleed my rads?

Bleeding radiators is something you can do yourself  – BUT – there is a danger of scalding or steam burns when working around a boiler system, we strongly recommend that you leave this maintenance to the professionals at Home Comfort Canada.

24 hour Emergency Boiler Service | We’re just a phone call away!

Home Comfort Canada offers 24hour Emergency Service.  Give us a call, we are happy to help.  We can  send a technician to your home when you require boiler repair in Toronto.