Manage Dry Indoor Air this Winter

In Winter the air is dry With central heating, people are confined indoors with unnaturally dry air for many months each year.  If the humidity is too low, it can dry out your nose and throat as well as wood floors, musical instruments, house plants, and paintings and can cause a build up of static […]

Help for allergy sufferers | Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Are you congested?Always sneezing?Do you have headaches?Irritated eyes?Shortness of breath? These are just some of the many symptoms that can be caused by indoor air pollutants. Sources of indoor air pollutants Pollen and mold spores enter your house through open doors and windows, while dander falls from pets. Such allergens settle on your floors and […]

Aprilaire Steam Humidifiers

Optimize your home’s humidity – Aprilaire Steam Humidifiers Proper Humidity in a home or office is important for both the health of your building and more importantly for the health of the occupants. Maintaining proper humidity means that the levels are not so low as to cause nosebleeds, respiratory infections, asthma etc., and not so […]

Ductless vs Central Air

Having a proper air conditioning system is a must for any home looking to have a comfortable indoor environment, especially in those hot, sunny summer days. Unlike age-old questions such as “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” the question of whether to go ductless or central air is an easy choice. Let’s take […]