Common questions from home owners about hot water radiators

Regular maintenance of your home heating system will keep your heating equipment operating at peak performance and reduce energy consumption and costs. If you have a hot water boiler system with radiators you may have some questions about how to keep your equipment working efficiently. Here are a few questions we’ve had from Home Comfort […]

5 Reasons to Convert a Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas

Last winter a customer told me that she had been wanting to convert their wood burning fireplace to gas for many years but her husband was against it. I asked her what she had said that made him change his mind. Here are the five points she put to him to make her case. If […]

Home Heating: Comfort and Efficiency

Get comfortable this season with Home Heating For many people during this winter either their old furnace will simply get tired and need replacing or perhaps due to new construction or renovation they will need a new central heating system. Obviously today with the concerns for environment and fuel efficiency (due to high costs), there […]

Boiler repairs, maintenance & replacement tips

The boiler that heats your home breaks down and it is the coldest day of the year. It is always when you need it the most when your system fails. Countless times Home Comfort Canada is called to a Toronto area home due to an emergency No-Heat call that could have been prevented. Emergency service calls […]

Should I repair or replace my furnace?

Obviously your furnace (and air) are critical to the operation of your home and to your comfort.  If you are having difficulties with your furnace the first thing to do is give us a call, and we will be there quickly to assess the problems.  We would suggest that before you call us, you make […]

10 Reasons to use infloor heating

Infloor, underfloor or radiant heating uses water flowing in pipes under the floor to heat the home. This is a great infographic showing the 10 advantages of Hot Water heating. Image source:

Should you Replace or Repair your Furnace??

To repair or replace, that is the question that likely comes to mind whenever your furnace stops working as it should. Repairing may be the most affordable solution now, but it might not be the best choice over the long run. Here are some tips to help you make the decision… Consider the Repair Cost […]