Manage Dry Indoor Air this Winter

In Winter the air is dry With central heating, people are confined indoors with unnaturally dry air for many months each year.  If the humidity is too low, it can dry out your nose and throat as well as wood floors, musical instruments, house plants, and paintings and can cause a build up of static […]

5 Reasons to Convert a Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas

Last winter a customer told me that she had been wanting to convert their wood burning fireplace to gas for many years but her husband was against it. I asked her what she had said that made him change his mind. Here are the five points she put to him to make her case. If […]

Home Heating: Comfort and Efficiency

Get comfortable this season with Home Heating For many people during this winter either their old furnace will simply get tired and need replacing or perhaps due to new construction or renovation they will need a new central heating system. Obviously today with the concerns for environment and fuel efficiency (due to high costs), there […]

Aprilaire Steam Humidifiers

Optimize your home’s humidity – Aprilaire Steam Humidifiers Proper Humidity in a home or office is important for both the health of your building and more importantly for the health of the occupants. Maintaining proper humidity means that the levels are not so low as to cause nosebleeds, respiratory infections, asthma etc., and not so […]