Moving beyond “Set it and forget it”

The world today is getting “smart”. There are already self-driving cars and realistically already in place are features that automatically brake your car if a pedestrian steps out in front. Phones are getting smarter by the day and so are our home heating and cooling systems. Automation is the way of the future. Let’s just […]

Ductless vs Central Air

Having a proper air conditioning system is a must for any home looking to have a comfortable indoor environment, especially in those hot, sunny summer days. Unlike age-old questions such as “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” the question of whether to go ductless or central air is an easy choice. Let’s take […]

Why Buy A Generator?

With the first day of spring only a week away, we will soon see the sun shining down more and more, and before we know, we will transition from the blanket and hot chocolate to the sunny beach and iced tea. While we all welcome the heat after a cold winter full of ice and […]

Tips to lower your energy bill – seal air leaks

Is your energy bill too high? One way to save money is to lower your energy bill. How to find air leaks in your home to seal: Here are a few, simple steps to help you find areas with air leaks and how to seal them so you can conserve energy and save money. Close […]

Important Notice:

Home Comfort Canada is transitioning to Mueller Mechanical.

All of our residential HVAC services will be fulfilled by Mueller Mechanical.

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