What’s the best air conditioner for my home?

As a homeowner you may be confused about which type of A/C unit is best for your home. At Home Comfort Canada we sell Central Air Conditioning Systems, Ductless Air Conditioners and heat pumps. Is a duct free unit a good choice? If your home has been built with air ducts made from sheet metal that […]

Getting your HVAC system ready for Spring!

Spring Maintenance for your Furnace and Air Conditioner Even though here in Toronto there is still some snow on the ground, Spring has officially arrived! Here are some tips from Home Comfort Canada to get your HVAC Heating and Cooling system ready for the change from the heating season to the cooling season. If you […]

Moving beyond “Set it and forget it”

The world today is getting “smart”. There are already self-driving cars and realistically already in place are features that automatically brake your car if a pedestrian steps out in front. Phones are getting smarter by the day and so are our home heating and cooling systems. Automation is the way of the future. Let’s just […]

Ductless vs Central Air

Having a proper air conditioning system is a must for any home looking to have a comfortable indoor environment, especially in those hot, sunny summer days. Unlike age-old questions such as “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” the question of whether to go ductless or central air is an easy choice. Let’s take […]

Air Conditioning in Toronto: 10 Tips By the Professionals

A professional technician is well worth the investment Air conditioning during the hot and humid Toronto summer months makes life much more comfortable! Make sure your air conditioning unit stays up to the task all summer long, make sure to follow these simple tips. These simple guidelines can save you major hassle over having to […]

How to Select the Right Air Conditioning Technician?

Air Conditioning: Selecting a Technician Families and individuals who are looking for air conditioning in Toronto and surrounding areas will need to find an appropriate technician when problems arise. We understand that you are inviting someone into your home.  And you expect cleanliness, courtesy and professionalism as well as competence in your service providers. Naturally, […]