Air Conditioning in Toronto: 10 Tips By the Professionals

Air Conditioning in Toronto: 10 Tips By the Professionals

A professional technician is well worth the investment

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Air conditioning during the hot and humid Toronto summer months makes life much more comfortable!

Make sure your air conditioning unit stays up to the task all summer long, make sure to follow these simple tips.

These simple guidelines can save you major hassle over having to replace a broken or worn down unit.

1. Schedule your air conditioning maintenance.  Have it checked by a professional technician annually. Regular maintenance – actual checkups for your A/C unit, will ensure problems are caught early and prevent future damage from occurring. Our technicians service homes with air conditioning in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

2. Invest in a programmable digital thermostat for the unit. With the latest technology these are the most precise thermostats available and will allow you to accurately gauge the temperature in your home and save energy and money too.

3. Ensure you have proper insulation for your air conditioning.  Proper insulation is necessary year round in Toronto. Proper insulation is a key element for any cooling and heating system. A professional can let you know if your current insulation situation needs correcting.

4. A big factor in energy consumption is the size of your air conditioning. Toronto and Ontario governments often offer rebates for new and more energy efficient models.  Going too big or too small will result in misused energy, which can ultimately cause higher costs than necessary or wear out your unit.

5. Ensure the air ducts are sized correctly and in good repair. A similar theme to getting the right size unit. You want the sizing overall to be just right, so the air is generated and concentrated in a way best fitted to cooling your home.

6. Clean filters according to the specifications of your model. Filters left too long without a cleaning can stop up the cool air from being released.  During the annual maintenance, the condenser is checked and cleaned as well as indoor evaporator coils.

7. Replace worn out filters entirely. New furnace filters are available from our website, or give us a call (remember we care for air conditioning all over the Greater Toronto Area) and we’ll deliver and install it for you.

8. Make sure your doors and windows are also sealed properly. Even if the A/C unit itself is well fitted, the cool air can escape if windows and doors aren’t sealed, making your AC work overtime to cool down the home.

9. If the unit is outdoors, keep it clear of dirt and debris like twigs or leaves.

10. If possible, keep outdoor air conditioner units well shaded, either by planting trees or building some sort of covering. This can reduce cooling costs in the long run.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions or provide custom solutions for any air conditioning in Toronto and surrounding area.