5 Reasons to Convert a Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas

5 Reasons to Convert a Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas

Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockings --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Last winter a customer told me that she had been wanting to convert their wood burning fireplace to gas for many years but her husband was against it.

I asked her what she had said that made him change his mind.

Here are the five points she put to him to make her case.

  1. If there is a power outage and the furnace won’t run the fireplace will (gas only no fan).
  2. It’s more energy-efficient to just turn on the fireplace and heat the living room when we are in there than to turn up the thermostat and heat the entire house. Fireplace inserts and gas stoves can help to decrease your heating bills.
  3. A gas fireplace is convenient. You can just turn it on and off at will. A wood burning fireplace is messy and it takes an effort to build and tend a fire so we seldom use it.
  4. A modern fireplace insert will update the look of the living room.
  5. A gas fireplace will increase the resale value of our home but we get to enjoy it until we do decide to sell.

And now, they are both enjoying the convenience and warmth of a gas fireplace professionally installed by Home Comfort Canada.